Tools for Succession Planning & Leadership Continuity 

Building Leaderful Organizations; Succession Planning for Nonprofits

Annie E Casey Foundation Executive Transitions Monograph Series, 2008, 23 pp, PDF

Broad overview of succession preparation.  Contains checklists and additional suggested resources.


Staying Engaged, Stepping Up

Annie E Casey Foundation Executive Transitions Monograph Series, 2006, 20 pp, PDF

Contains an organizational self-assessment, a preparatory action plan, case studies, and additional resources.  Focus is on more immediate proximity to a transition rather than long-term planning.


Succession Readiness Assessment

Clarity Transitions, 2019, 3 pp, editable DOC

Editable checklist that considers readiness for emergency executive transition, status of policies for executive succession, and organizational strength in preparation of an executive transition.


Graceful Exit: Succession Planning for High-Performing CEOs

Leap of Reasons, Ambassador’s Community, 2018, 14 pp, PDFs

Provides 10 basic steps for succession and transition with many real-life examples.

Nonprofit Executive Succession-Planning Toolkit

Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, 40 pp, PDF

Covers emergency & departure-defined Transition planning, development of strategic leaders, barriers to planning, and provides tools including plan templates, sample job description, list of ED competencies.

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