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How far in advance do you post IED positions?
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Jeffrey Wilcox
Jul 17, 2020
The best part of this question is that is represents interim leadership as part of a succession planning process as opposed to a crisis intervention which is so common in our industry. I think there is merit in at least having a conversation about posting the position up to six months in advance of the planned transition. This will guarantee the widest possible pool of diverse candidates as many engaged interims do not have the luxury of contemplating their next career move. This also allows a national online outreach to people in isolated and hard to reach professional communities who may have particular skills in technology-based leadership. By at least having the conversation at six months, the incumbant and organizational leaders can ask the question if there are consultative, facilitator, evaluator, trainer, planner or coaching skills that could be useful during the succession process which creates a runway for a virtual community to become acquainted with a virtual interim leader. As interims, we cannot underestimate the additional difficulties associated with understanding organizational culture and providing meaningful facilitative leadership when there is no office. The default position will be an online clerk. With an onboarding process that is longer than usual in our industry, this additional time could provide a learning curve about virtual transitional leadership to a virtual organization could pay huge dividends three months before assuming the position as opposed to the three months it may take to get up to speed after assuming the position.

Jeffrey Wilcox

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