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Tools on this page support critical aligned capacity building work
Diversity, Inclusion, & Equity in Succession & Transition

Talent Justice Initiative Toolkit

Fund the People, 2019, multiple tools linked below, PDF

Tool kit that addresses hiring, staff development for succession, and eventual promotion to the top leadership position.   Includes perspectives specific to nonprofit organizations and to funders.

Resource Listings Collection

How to Guides Collection

Field Stories Collection

Equity & Inclusion Collection

Discussion Guides Collection

Case Making Collection


AWAKE to WOKE to WORK: Building a Race Equity Culture

Equity in the Center, 2018, 38 pp, PDF

Working model using rubrics as a discussion framework to showing lever to move organizations through the race equity cycle from multiple perspectives including  staff, board, leadership & community.


Race to Lead: Confronting the Nonprofit Racial Leadership Gap

Thomas-Breitfeld, Sean et al, Building Movement Project, 2017, 26 pp, PDF

Research and key findings about the nonprofit racial leadership gap.


Transition as Opportunity to Reconsider the Operating Model  

Exploring Greater Impact through Strategic Partnerships

The Power of Possibility / BoardSource, 9 pp, PDF

A board discussion guide


Capturing the Power of Leadership Change: Using Executive Transition Services To Strengthen Organizational Capacity

Adams, Tom, Annie E Casey Foundation, 6 pp, PDF

Highlights transitions as “pivotal moments,” enabling organizations to change direction, maintain momentum, build or rebuild its infrastructure, and clarify its mission and vision.


Development and Growth of Consulting Practices

The Evolution of Executive Transition and Allied Practices:  A Call for Service Integration

Adams, Tom, Former Director – Raffa, PC, 2017, 53 pp, PDF

Looks at the consulting practices surrounding executive transition and makes the case on how practitioners can better work together.


Defining a Field of Practice: Guiding Principles for Executive Transition and Leadership Continuity Practice

Alliance for Nonprofit Management, 2017, 20 pp, PDF

Developed by the Executive Transition & Leadership Continuity group, defines work of transition consultants and interim executive directors.

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Executive Transition & Leadership Continuity Community of Practice

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